Brooks' Story

On December 28, 2009, Brooks Call was diagnosed with acute Myeloid leukemia (AML), also known as acute myelogenous leukemia. AML is a very aggressive cancer that starts in the bone marrow and keeps the blood cells from maturing the way they should. Brooks is 13 years old and is the son of Greg and Lisa Call. He has two younger brothers, Ethan and Nic.

Along with our prayers, well wishes, and positive thoughts for Brooks, what can we do to help Brooks and his family? Our goal is to allow all family and friends to assist Greg and Lisa with any funding we can donate for the many expenses that will be involved in keeping Brooks going strong. Not only would we like to contribute to help with the mounting medical bills, but also for gas, babysitting, food while staying with Brooks at the hospital, and many other expenses.

Please look at the "Please Help Brooks" section on how-to-donate. We have made it very easy for all family and friends to help out – where ever you are! Please donate, and pass along this notice to all of your family and friends. Have them go to this blog to find out more information on how to donate and get updates on Brooks!
Thanks, from all Brooks’ Family!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

New blog site

We have a new blog site for Brooks. It is a hospital web site. I hope this link works. If not you can find him on carepages under his name. Thank you again for the support you are giving our family!


  1. Hey Brooks! You don't know me but we went to the same school last year! I heard about you at school today. We are all going to cut our hair! I can't though. My hair is too short. :) My email is I would love to get to know you better! Get well soon! Sincerely, Brookie :)

  2. hi brooks, my name is samantha, i live in utah and i am the news editor for the school paper at my school, i was wondering if you would mind if i did a feature on you in our school paper? i would feel really bad if i were to publish it without permission... my email is i'd love to hear from you, thanks! :)

  3. I cant get to the new blog. I have tried several times. Does anyone know how i can get to the new one?